A Matter of Grave Concern

A Matter of Grave Concern

By John Kuykendaller

21st Century Technology Helping Update Nearby Cemeteries

On Monday, Nov.3, Bob Perry and Len Strozier met at the Salem Baptist Church cemetery in Raleigh. The men were not there for a funeral service, they were there to use 21st Century technology to update the church’s cemetery and help the church update it’s cemetery records.

Perry is owner of TOPOGRAPHIX, a digital mapping and virtual site surveying company. Strozier is owner of Omega Planning Resources. Perry, a resident of New Hampshire and Strozier, former pastor of Manchester First Baptist and currently pastor of Woodbury Baptist, work together on a project likethe one at Salem Baptist. The two men will also be working at Salem United Methodist Church in Pine Mountain in the near future.

WHAT THE MEN do is rather extraordinary. Perry uses modern day radar equipment to find out what is underneath the ground beneath his feet. “I work with churches, municipalities, construction companies, and anyone else that needs my services, “ Perry said” Sometimes a municipality might need to know if there is a pip underground and where it begins and ends.

Strozier makes maps and uses his unique talents to help churches map out and keep cemeteries current and up to date. “I provide the churches with maps they can continue to update so all records are current.“ Strozier said.

STROZIER AND Perry contracted with Salem Baptest because the church wanted to find out how much available space the cemetery had. Perry, using his radar system, found some graves that were possibly unmarked and some that were marked, but not necessarily used.

PERRY IS an interesting character and is a self-made man in many ways. Above Bob Perry’s desk, a small piece of paper reads, “Formal education will make you a living; self education will make you a fortune.” The quote, by business writer and speaker Jim Rohn, suits Perry perfectly. He is a fourth-grade dropout and the owner of a successful business called TOPOGRAPHIX, a digital mapping and virtual site surveying company.

AS PERRY’S business grew, he then had other mapping companies, such as Strozier’s to begin working with him. Strozier works with churches in the southern states and developed the contract with Salem Baptist and Salem United Methodist in Pine Mountain.

To learn more about how the mapping services works, or for questions, Strozier may be contacted by calling (478) 747-3747