High Probability of Unmarked Burials Detected at Old City Cemetery

High Probability of Unmarked Burials Detected at Old City Cemetery

By Elizabeth Jordan,Staff Reporter

After visiting Sandersville for the Georgia Municipal Cemetery Association’s conference in September, Bob Perry, owner of TOPOGRAPHIX, a digital mapping service using groundpeneterating radar, teamed with the City of Sandersville to scan the Old City Cemetery for unmarked burials beginning October 27.

While in Washington County, perry worked in the Old City Cemetery for approximately two days before working in the Hall Street Cemetery, and then traveled to Sparta for further scanning.

‘There’s a high probability of six unmarked burials on he right side of the cemetery, with two on the left,” said Perry, who says the probability of unmarked burials is indicated by the number of hits detected by the ground penetrating radar.

Perry also detected a headstone that was not located in the right proximity to the grave when scanning the old city cemetery.

It’s really all about a disturbance in the soil, “ said Perry, adding, “When we look at the radar, it’s little air pockets that we’re finding.”

Not only does Perry offer scanning to find burials, but through his company, TOPOGRAPHIX, he also offers photo, cemetery mapping, as well as virtual tours of the cemetery.

According to Susan Lewis, of the Sandersville Old City Cemetery committee, Bob Perry will come back to Sandersville for more scanning and with a completed map of the cemetery.

Bob Perry, is in the process of writing a book which he plans to entitle Cemetery Mapping Made Easy which will include an interactive DVD. “I want to make it so they can do it themselves,” said Perry.

TOPOGRAPHIX is based in Hudson, New Hampshire.

To learn more about how the mapping services offered contact Bob Perry at 603-429-4417.