Cemetery Mapping

A Must-have for Cemeterians and Service Professionals

Here’s an illustrated manual with everything anyone would need to know about mapping cemeteries and much more!  

Since 2001, my business has focused on mapping cemeteries and burial grounds throughout the United States. The framework for my services has been put into an illustrated reference guide called Cemetery Mapping -Techniques and Applications.
This publication covers all phases of cemetery mapping, from site surveying and computerized drafting to the software applications I use daily in my business. This one-of-a-kind publication includes tutorials on field mapping, scanning and redrafting old cemetery maps, and how Ground-penetrating Radar is used to locate unmarked graves and open burial spaces. Additionally, I have added several case studies on locating unmarked graves and a fold-out section with examples of cemetery maps for reference.

This is a must-have for cemeterians, cemetery managers, municipalities, and professionals that service the cemetery industry.

My publication price is $120 each plus $15.00 shipping within the United States.